Conference : Scalability tests with jMeter and FusionReactor

That was an extraordinary experience this year to be speaker in front of a large CFML crowd.
Thanks to all persons who were in my session, thanks to all persons who have helped me to do this session. Thanks to me for doing such a great job, lol :D

I have to say that I meet several of you, that was always a pleasure and very friendly. I meet some CFML gurus that we have. And I am proud to have made some close friends over this day.
It was so joyful days than I can’t wait until next year ! ;) This is a description of my session in case you were not here:

Conference : Structuring Application

Michael Hnat (from BlueGras.de) contact me for making training at CFAcademy 2012 about ’how to Structuring Application’.


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